Vio Kitten Pregnant & Nursing

The nutritionists of Viozois have created a unique recipe for pregnant and lactating cats, as well as kittens from birth to
one year. It is produced with the best nutrients, carefully combined for this demanding period, that offer:

  • High-quality protein from chicken, liver and egg, which is essential for developing the muscular system in kittens,
    as well as rebuilding the weakened muscular system in mothers
  • Well-being and longevity with Greek extra virgin olive oil, which promotes well-being and longevity by reducing
    inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, and carcinogenesis, and strengthens the protection of all vital organs
  • Increased caloric content that is necessary to support the energy needs of both newborns and mothers
  • Balanced amount of trace elements for optimal development and strengthening of teeth and skeletal system
  • Increased percentages of Ω-3 and DHA fatty acids from fish for normal brain and vision development
  • which helps regulate fluids and minerals in the blood and proper muscle function.
  • Additional nutrients that complete an easily digestible mixture all the ingredients, ensuring optimal health for your
    kitten and mother cat


Dehydrated chicken protein, dehydrated fish protein, animal fat from chicken, hydrolysed chicken liver (digest), dehydrated
potato, dietary fibres, dehydrated egg, spirulina (27% DHA), yeast,
salt, yucca schidigera extract, taurine, vitamins and mineral salts.


Vitamin Α 20.000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 1.400 IU/kg, Vitamin E 800 mg/kg.

Chemical Composition

Crude protein 36.6%, Crude fat 16.1%,
Total fibre 1.8%, Moisture 7%, Crude ash 8%, Taurine 0.1%.



Poke 5 kg

Recommended Daily Food Quantity
Βάρος Γάτας /
Cat Weight

Ποσότητα Τροφής /
Food Quantity (g)

Ποσότητα Τροφής /
Food Quantity (g)

  1-3 μηνών
4-6 μηνών
7-12 μηνών
0,5 35  
1 55  
1,5   60  
2   75 60  
3   105 80 85
4     105 105
5     125 125
6+       25 gr/1kg

The above daily quantities are indicative and depend on your cat’s activity level. You can increase or decrease them depending on its physical activity and environmental conditions.

Βιταμίνη Α / Vitamin A 20.000 IU/kg
Βιταμίνη D3 / Vitamin D3 1.400 IU/kg
Βιταμίνη E / Vitamin E 800 mg/kg
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