Respect for the environment forms an integral part of our corporate culture.
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Respect for the environment forms an integral part of our corporate culture. With well-trained human resources on environmental issues, the company has successfully integrated operating instructions that are directly related to the environment and existing climate change in its day-to-day business.

We try to maintain long-term good working relationships with top quality raw material suppliers, strictly excluding genetically modified ones, which are produced through environmentally-friendly processes.

With our strong ecological conscience, we apply integrated waste management in an effort to minimize them. We make the most of the raw materials we use and the production process waste is 100% biodegradable.

We demonstrate environmental responsibility by investing in equipment that consumes the least possible amount of energy, even utilizing recyclable fuels such as biofuels, which currently constitute 100% of the fuel used by the company.

Finally, we support regeneration and environment at local and national level, by working in return and aiming to substantiate our energy footprint.

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