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Modernization Program 2007-2009


In 2007 VIOZOIS S.A. has started implementing an investment program of 3 million Euros for the upgrade and the modernisation of the supporting infrastructures of themain production procedure, in the factory in Ioannina. Specifically the project that is foreseen to be completed by the end of 2008 includes:

  • The creation of additional storage facilities of 2.000 square meters for supporting the production procedure of Twin Screw Extruder and the unit that produces final feeds and premixes.
  • The integration of modern Logistics System, which allows continuous and accurate monitoring of the supply chain of the company, but most important the systematic planning of the company's resources for better distribution, aiming to upgrade services to customers and reduction of delivery times.
  • The installation of new bagging unit in the pet food production line, with automatic weighing abilities regardless of the weight of the bag, selection of bag material among metal like, paper and perforated plastic, sewing or welding depending on the wishes of the client. The new packages meet even stricter conditions for maintaining hygiene of food inside the package, while providing a number of advantages which allow better storage and transportation of bags.
  • The addition of an automated robotic “print & apply” machine to the existing automated bagging, weighting , and sewing system, installed in vitamins and minerals premix production line in order to better implement all the formulations and especially the personalized ones.




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