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Twin Screw Extruder

The new machinery that the company has acquired the last three years, peaking with installation of TWIN SCREW EXTRUDER, the most advanced productive equipment in Greece, one of the few extruders all around the country with double screw, offers the company a strong competitive advantage and in its customers as well. Twin Screw Extruder is the peak of technology worldwide in the production of pet food. It is one of the very few existing in the whole Balkans with twin screw and is manufactured by the worldwide known Swiss company Buhler. Its acquisition by VIOZOIS S.A is a very important step of modernisation that allows the company the production of quality food for escort animals under total hygiene. Particular characteristics of this machinery that qualifies it unique in its kind are:

  • Unlimited possibilities of application with the production of a series of products varying from products of human diet like snacks and biscuits, to products of chemical industry as fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Modular structure, offering flexibility in arrangement, quantity of production and alternation between different products.
  • Automatic cleaning system from remains of produced food, resulting the absolute hygiene of the manufactured products and the support in highest degree of quality assurance policy of the company.
  • Most excellent quality of manufacture resulting maximum lifetime, the elimination of risks during operation and the elimination of possibilities for erosion of its moving parts.

Having completed the installation by 30/7/2002 and implementing an investment of 1.760.000 Euros, VIOZOIS S.A. can satisfy any demand and correspond completely to the qualitative and quantitative requirements of its cliental base.



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