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Quality certification ISO 9001

Important asset and success factor of the products of the company, in the highly competitive field of feed production and marketing, is the consistently high quality of products is achieved through the existence of strict hygiene rules, personnel of high technical training and expertise, use of tested raw materials and production with the use of sophisticated machinery.
At the same time, with the establishment of the Total Quality System ISO 9001, quality throughout the production process is certified, and it is ensured that all products will have the quality required for optimal growth and health of animals.
Finally, through intensive random checks conducted in controlled laboratories of the company the composition of feed is continuously improved, to offer the quality familiar to the expectations and requirements of our customers.

The ISO 22000:2005 standard necessarily applies to all activities of the company, namely design, manufacture and sale of animal food supplements. The standard is the most rigorous and comprehensive production and marketing system because it contains the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system.

The result is to produce safe products referred to in the human nutrition.

The production of both compound feed and supplementary feed are the most rigorous process that sets the standard ISO 22000:2005. Thus the produced feeds in addition to high quality and high biological value offer the best nutritional health and maximum performance of cattle.



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